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High Fives


"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." 

- Helen Keller

Our team has individually succeeded in the fitness industry by changing many lives. We come together, a small group of thoughtful, committed individuals to  create a trusted brand that is known throughout the fitness industry worldwide. 

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Loren Hall has been in the fitness industry for over 13 years now, but the journey getting to where he is today was not a perfect story. Growing up he was criticized and made fun of for the way he looked. Because he was overweight, he was made fun of for being "fat". After being sad and discouraged, there became enough motivation in him to lose the weight through cardio, but after losing all the weight then he was made fun of for being "too skinny". Understanding there was no satisfying everyone, he invested in having a trainer to find satisfaction in the body he wanted himself not what satisfies others, and along the way, developed his own passion for health and wellness. Coming from a family with many different health issues and losing family members because of them, he wanted to be the change and help other families so they would not have to suffer. 

Joining the corporate world as a personal trainer, he became one of the top trainers in his company while finishing his Bachelors Degree in Business Management at Cal-State San Bernardino. After graduating college, his passion soon grew to help teaching and educating trainers  so he decided to manage one of his own training programs. By doing this, he knew he would be able to impact and save many more lives. Because of his success at training and developing, he consistently ran one of the top training programs in the country.  In 5 years, he developed over 30 managers, generated over $1 million dollars in training, and other such achievements. He thanked his successes due to the synergetic environment created by his team, who were extremely knowledgeable, but most important, truly cared for people. With social media spreading misinformation, risking the health of others, his goal is to give the fitness industry one brand that can be trusted to provide the highest quality of training and education for any individual and their goals, anywhere.



Seung has made health and wellness a priority a majority of his life. He has taken it far more serious than most due to being adopted and having no true knowing of his family medical history. He started his journey earning his degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry and Philosophy at Iowa State University. After graduation, he moved up the ranks at Union Pacific Headquarters in Omaha, NE. It was here where he could see the effects of constant sitting and poor lifestyle habits really taking a hold on a large percentage of employees, bringing down their quality of work. 


He started receiving general questions as others noticed how he had more energy and a more positive attitude. They asked how he didn’t gain weight  while doing the same work that everyone else was doing, or how he did not experience lower back or neck pain like the collogues. As time passed, and lots of education and research,  he began helping individuals with joint mobility exercises, nutritional advice, as well as resistance training.  Seung switched career and worked at LA Fitness, Equinox, and a private gym in Koreatown, and developed the reputation of being the “Mobility” person. Coaches starting approaching him for help with programming for their clients with joint pain. Seung enjoyed teaching others and branched out to start his own one-on-one personal training center focusing on overall health and wellness. His passion is to educate and inspire people so they can live the lives they truly want to live, by feeling better, moving better, looking better.





-PhD Student Human Movement Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

-Masters of Science Kinesiology-Biomechanics, California State University, Fullerton

-Bachelor of Science Kinesiology-Sports Medicine, Summa Cum Laude, California Baptist University

-Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist-National Strength and Conditioning Association


Justin began training approximately 10 years ago and naturally continued while completing his bachelor's and master's degrees. He's currently in the PhD program at UNC Chapel Hill researching and teaching about human movement specifically in the area of biomechanics. His primary area of study focuses on optimizing coordinated movement to reduce injury risk and optimize performance or daily living. Justin has worked with everyone from division 1 athletes, to people who have never exercised before, to  mentoring other trainers who are beginning their fitness journey. He is excited to share the knowledge and experiences he's gained over the years from the classroom, lab, and weight room to any individual willing to learn.   


Mariana is a personal trainer and a nutrition coach through National Academy Sports Medicine. Her love for sports/fitness started when she was 12 years old. She got accepted to play tennis for Clemson University. Going from playing tennis of 8 year of her life, running track for 4 years, and being a team player for as long as she remembers. Mariana’s love for fitness started to follow her everywhere she went.


At that point she decided to make a career and fell in love with helping her clients get to where they have always wanted to be. Mariana’s clients aren’t just her clients, they become her friends and family who make her life so much more special. A mother of two boys, a wife of a military husband, and her job as a personal trainer is the best thing about this girl. Mariana’s goal for you is to be your own motivation and she is ready to get you started!



Matthew Scott is a 29-year-old ISSA Certified personal trainer along with strength & conditioning specialist located in West Hollywood, California. Matthew is a high energy, strong-minded individual who thrives when helping others reach their true potential in life. Physical fitness, health, and wellness have always been a part of his life. His parents were both competitive bodybuilders and owned and operated a health food store. The valuable knowledge Matthew acquired at a young age gave him an understanding of why living a healthy lifestyle and taking care of your body is a necessity.


Personal Training for him is a way of teaching and sharing value with people who want to adapt to the best version of themselves. With over five years of experience in personal training and group instructing, Matthew recognizes the individual needs and goals of all his clients. Matthew specializes in high-intensity movements, resistance training, functional training, and athletic development. Matthew wants you to discover the level at which your body is capable of performing. Let him be your guide to reach your goals!



- Bachelor of Science Kinesiology - Biomechanics

- BS Physical Education - Adaptive Physical Education

- MS Kinesiology - Metabolic Conditioning




Duane Lee Jr. has been training in the corporate, sports, and private sector for the past 10 years now. He has previously trained at a private gym in the Midwest and LA Fitness while he attended graduate school. He has worked with hundreds of clients from all backgrounds and dealing with many issues, but the focus remains the same, RESULTS!!!! His specialty is body composition with an emphasis on gaining lean body mass, while losing body fat. He looks forward to serving the needs of all of his clients and also inspiring others to live a healthy and well balanced life. 

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With over 5 years of experience training a diverse clientele, Jake knows what it takes to help his clients achieve results. From weight loss, to physical rehab, he can move anyone from where they are at to where they want to be. Jake is compassionate, outgoing, and cares deeply for all his clients. While Jake was younger, he experienced herniated discs and by default, subsequent weight gain. This lead him to develop depression as he started to lose ability to do things he once could, but that changed when he started taking control of his lifestyle and hired a personal trainer.

From the knowledge he learned, and the way it made an impact on fixing his life, Jake wanted to do the same with others. He became a trainer and gained valuable insight to the daily routines that hold people back from being the best version of themselves while in the corporate realm. As people have sedentary jobs that start to limit their mobility and create unwanted aches and pain, Jake is determined to be the one to change the lives of those in this category.


Andrew has been personal training for over 8 years now, focusing on weight loss and muscle building. Being mostly underweight and made fun of during his younger years, he was given the nickname “Stix”,  in reference to his frame reminding people of tree sticks. He knew himself first-hand how hard it was to gain lean muscle,  but made the choice to further his education and learned how to properly change his stature significantly.


Andrew wants to help people reach their fitness goals, but also help them make exercise a lifestyle.  Living by the slogan, "Rome wasn't built in a day.." he enjoys helping others understand that anything is possible if given the right knowledge, time, and effort. "I can show you the path to greatness but I can’t walk that path for you, but I will be there with you, each step you the way. Let’s BE GREAT!"- Andrew Weakley

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