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The Importance of Functional Movement / Corrective Exercise

We all know staying active is essential to good health. Movement is the key to joint and tissue health and can help with mental wellness. Most of the movement we facilitate is forward motion.

Walking, running, and even riding a bike moves hips, shoulders, and spine forward. Coupled with everyday routines such as sitting at a desk, or reading on a device, tends over time to hunch the body forward into a curved position.

Traditional forms of training, like bodybuilding, can lead to:

● An imbalance of muscles

● Shortening of muscle tissue

● Restrict range of motion

● A full range of motion for joints

● Working on more muscle groups at one time

Traditional workouts can be great for building muscle. For someone to be fit holistically, they need functional movement activities too. Functional movement can help someone become fit and toned.

Here are some other ways functional movement training can help your clients:

Enhance performance - functional movement increases both mental stimulation and physical performance. Even individuals who are already fit. Traditional exercises performed in the gym usually are only done in the gym. Squats, a functional movement exercise, for example, can help balance, stability, and mobility during everyday movements.

Burns Fat - Exercises like the plank that uses body weight as resistance utilize the mind and body during the exercise giving the brain a better line of communication with the muscles. Resistance builds lean muscle mass and burns fat.

Helps prevent injuries - Functional movement exercises use muscles in the core. Not just the surface muscles where you see the six-pack, but the muscles underneath that protect the spine from extending and twisting. These types of movements help train the brain on how to control movement.

Regular activities can help build strength and endurance. Adding training that incorporates functional movement will allow your clients to get a well-rounded holistic workout that will improve the quality of their lives.

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